We Buy Houses in Madison Heights, Michigan

When selling your house in Madison Heights, you may be a low-cost simple option that doesn’t require a realtor. If so, we have the answer. M1 Home Buyers can buy your house as-is and pay cash for the property. We have a cash home sale solution that allows you to sell your house right now without jumping through all the hoops of a traditional home sale. 

When you sell your house to us, you have zero selling expenses. That’s right—no home repairs, no realtor fees, and no closing costs. 

t’s that simple!

If you want to avoid the hassle of a traditional home sale and dealing with inexperienced buyers, contact us today and let us make an offer on your house. It’s a no-risk, no-obligation way to sell your home in Michigan.

Call 248-397-5800 or fill out our online form to get a fast cash offer from M1 Home Buyers. Sell your house fast in Madison Heights, Michigan.

We Don’t Care Why You’re Selling. We’ll Buy Your House.

Your situation is unique. So, it should be handled with personal attention. Our buyers work with home sellers who never fit in the box. Whether it’s a less-than-ideal property, a financial hardship, or a legal issue, we can buy your house anyways and save you the headache of going through the red tape. 

  • Foreclosure
  • New Job
  • Relocation
  • Abandoned Property
  • Bankruptcy
  • Damaged House
  • Rental Property
  • Condemned House
  • Divorce
  • Inherited House
  • Distressed House
  • Short Sales

Foreclosure or Bankruptcy

Foreclosure can devastate your finances now and in the future. It can be hard to buy or even rent a house any time soon. Our cash solution allows you to sell your house even if you are in the middle of the foreclosure process. We help you avoid foreclosure, pay the debt, and save your credit. We can also help you avoid bankruptcy.


Divorce is never easy. Trying to sell a house during divorce is even harder. M1 Home Buyers gives you a way out of a complicated mess by helping you sell your house right now instead of waiting. We can work with both parties to ensure a smooth transaction. You can sell your house right now, sign the divorce papers, and move on.

Inherited or Probate House

Is your family currently going through probate? This can be a challenging time if a deceased loved one left behind debts or unpaid taxes. If you need a fast solution for getting cash to pay the outstanding debts, a cash home sale gives you that option. Sell your house right now and close your probate case. We help you sell your inherited house fast.

Job Relocation

Congratulations on your new job! Now that you’ve landed a new position, it’s time to sell the house. But how do you get your house sold before you start the job? The best option is a cash home sale. Instead of juggling the old and new properties, we can give you a fresh start by buying your house today. It puts more money in your pocket that you can use for moving expenses.

Selling As-Is

One of the hardest types of property to sell is a damaged, old, or outdated property. Yet, we make it possible to sell your distressed property by buying the house in its current condition. You don’t have to schedule any inspections or make any home repairs. We buy houses as-is in Madison Heights, Michigan. We’ll make an offer on your property no matter what it looks like.

Rental Property

Whether you’re getting out of the business or you’re tired of dealing with problem tenants, selling a rental property doesn’t have to be hard. Instead of making upgrades, haggling with investors, or dealing with the legalities of eviction, let us make a quick offer on the house. We’ll even handle the tenants after the deal is done.

Our Cash Sale Process: How We Buy Your House

If you need to sell your house quickly, a traditional sale may not work for you. We offer a simple step-by-step process that allows you to unload your property without the hassle. Sell your house in these three easy steps:

We Assess Your Property

We always do our homework before we make an offer. We assess your property’s market value based on several factors. That way, when we make an offer, you know it’s fair, accurate and guaranteed. We’ll never back out of the deal.

We Guide You Through the Process

If you accept our offer, we work closely with you to ensure a smooth transaction. We answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Our goal is to make the transaction as hassle-free as possible so that you can sell your house fast.

We Help You Find Creative Solutions

Your situation is unique and comes with unique challenges. Our cash home solution makes it possible to sell your house regardless of any issues. You can still sell the property quickly and close in only a few days on your terms.

Why Should I Sell My House As-Is for Cash?

There are several practical reasons why a cash home sale is a better option than a traditional home sale:

We Simplify the Process

Traditional home sales are complicated. You have to schedule inspections and appraisals, make home repairs, hire a realtor, stage the house, show the house, negotiate with buyers, go through a long closing process, and finally get paid. All of that goes away with a cash home sale. With our buyers, you go straight from an offer to closing a deal.

Sell Your House Faster

On average, a traditional home sale takes 60 to 90 days. That’s not including the repairs and closing process. If you need to sell your house right now, you may not have that kind of timeline. Our average transitions close between one to three weeks. You can even close the sale of your house in as little as seven days. You don’t have to wait to move out and move on.

Avoid Home Selling Costs

Selling a house today is expensive. When you add up the closing costs, realtor commissions, and home repairs, a large chunk of your profits are gone. When you sell your house to the M1 Home Buyers, you pay nothing to sell our house. We take care of all closing costs, and there are no fees. Use the proceeds to pay debts or take care of moving costs.

Work With Buyers You Trust

Buyers today are rarely dependable. They may not be approved for a loan, or they may back out at the last minute. With our local buyers, your sale is guaranteed. We don’t make an offer unless we’re willing to commit. We have the resources necessary to pay cash for your house right now. We’ll even walk you through the process.

Get a Fast Cash Offer on Your Home in 24 Hours

You don’t have to wait to get an offer on your house. M1 Home Buyers can assess your property and make an offer within 24 hours. Sell your house in seven days and pay nothing. Call 248-397-5800 or fill out our online form to get a fast cash offer from M1 Home Buyers. Sell your house fast in Madison Heights, Michigan.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Home Sales in Michigan

Can I sell my house for cash if I’m facing foreclosure?

Yes, selling your house for cash can be an option to avoid foreclosure. Cash buyers may be willing to purchase the property quickly, allowing you to settle debts and avoid the negative consequences of foreclosure.

Is it possible to sell my inherited property for cash?

Yes, you can sell an inherited property for cash. In fact, cash buyers often specialize in purchasing properties quickly, which can be advantageous when dealing with an inherited property you may not wish to keep.

Are there any scams associated with cash home sales I should be aware of?

Yes, there are scams associated with cash home sales, such as fake cash buyers, bait-and-switch tactics, and fraudulent contracts. It’s essential to conduct thorough due diligence and work with reputable buyers or real estate professionals to avoid scams.

Can I sell my house for cash if it’s currently rented out to tenants?

Yes, you can sell a rental property for cash, even if it’s currently occupied by tenants. However, you must adhere to local laws regarding tenant rights and provide proper notice to tenants before selling the property.

Do I need a real estate agent to sell my house for cash?

While you’re not required to use a real estate agent to sell your house for cash, working with an experienced agent can provide valuable expertise and guidance throughout the process, especially if you’re unfamiliar with selling real estate.

Can I sell my house for cash if it has liens or judgments against it?

Yes, you can still sell a house for cash if it has liens or judgments against it. However, any outstanding debts or liens must be resolved before the sale can proceed, either through payment or negotiation with creditors.

Is there a minimum or maximum value for houses that can be sold for cash?

No, there’s no set minimum or maximum value for houses that can be sold for cash. Cash buyers may be interested in properties of various values, from modest homes to luxury estates, depending on their investment criteria.

Can I sell my house for cash if it’s in probate?

Yes, you can sell a house for cash if it’s in probate, but the process may be more complex than a standard cash sale. You’ll need to comply with probate laws and obtain necessary approvals from the probate court before completing the sale.

What documents do I need to sell my house for cash?

The specific documents required to sell your house for cash may vary depending on your location and the buyer’s requirements. Generally, you’ll need to provide the deed to the property, any relevant title documents, and disclosure statements about the property’s condition. It’s advisable to consult with a real estate attorney to ensure you have all necessary documentation in order.

About Madison Heights, Michigan

Madison Heights, Michigan boasts a vibrant community with diverse cultural influences. Its central location offers convenient access to major highways like I-75 and I-696, facilitating easy travel to neighboring cities. The city’s John R Road corridor showcases a rich tapestry of international cuisines, reflecting its multicultural population. 

Despite its urban setting, Madison Heights provides ample green spaces such as Civic Center Park and Rosie’s Park for outdoor activities. A thriving business community and a calendar of community events, including concerts and farmers markets, contribute to the city’s dynamic atmosphere and strong sense of community.

About the Madison Heights Real Estate Market

Properties in Madison Heights range from quaint cottages and historic homes in the village center to luxurious lakefront estates along the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Waterfront properties command premium prices, offering breathtaking views and direct access to boating and recreational activities on the lake.

The market caters to both year-round residents and seasonal vacationers, with a mix of primary residences, vacation homes, and investment properties available. Madison Heights’s desirable location, nestled amidst the lakes and mountains of Michigan’s Lakes Region, makes it a sought-after destination for those seeking a tranquil retreat or an active outdoor lifestyle.

While Madison Heights maintains its small-town charm, its proximity to larger cities like Meredith and Laconia provides residents with access to shopping, dining, and cultural attractions. The town’s real estate market remains dynamic, with opportunities for both buyers and sellers in a range of property types and price points.