How Much Is My House Worth?

If you need to sell your house fast, you’ll need to perform an appraisal to determine the selling price. An appraisal reports your home’s market value so that you can set a ballpark figure within the range of the value. However, an appraisal doesn’t always tell the whole story. Plus, appraisals don’t always get it … Continued

How to Sell Your House for Job Relocation

The biggest challenge will face when getting a new job is how to sell your house for job relocation. What complicates a house sale is trying to sell the property or get out of your mortgage while living in another city. For this reason, a lot of people hire a real estate agent to take … Continued

How to Sell a Michigan House in Poor Condition

Even the most well-built houses wear down and need maintenance. You may not have the money you need to upgrade your house. Or you’ve decided to sell your house and move on. If you choose to sell your old house the traditional way, you will have to update it to compete with other home sellers. … Continued

What Happens if I Inherit a House with a Mortgage?

Not every inheritance is a good one. If you recently inherited a house with debt, the mortgage company may attempt to collect the debt or foreclose on the house during probate. However, if you can sell the house, you may be able to settle the debt and distribute the remaining inheritance among the beneficiaries. The … Continued

Can Someone Please Buy My Abandoned House?

There are hundreds of abandoned homes throughout the Detroit, Michigan, area. Many of these homes are left abandoned for several years without any claim from the previous owners. Owners often abandon homes because they either can’t keep up with the mortgage payments, can’t sell the house, or can’t afford the upkeep. If you currently have … Continued

Common Pitfalls in a Traditional Home Sale

Here’s a wake-up call for home sellers: There is no security in a traditional home sale. In fact, the only time you can feel sure that your home is going to sell is when you finally sign the paperwork and all parties get up and walk away on closing day. In the meantime, a traditional … Continued

What Should I Do if My Detroit House Loses Its Value?

Although buying a home is typically a good investment, you can’t always be sure that your home will increase in value over the years. While the market largely dictates your home’s resale value, there are a number of factors that actually determine what your property is worth. If you find that your house is decreasing … Continued

What’s the Fastest Way to Sell My Detroit House During Divorce?

Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Much of the stress comes from making the transition from your current situation. It includes selling your house and relocating to a new place. However, selling your Detroit house during divorce may be the most difficult part of your divorce. Long after the … Continued

What is a Cash Home Sale in Detroit, MI?

“Can I Sell My House Fast to a Cash Home Buyer in Detroit, MI?” A cash home buyer is an individual or company that buys houses directly from a motivated seller. The buyer looks at the property, makes a fast cash offer, and closes the sale quickly. The sellers can get out of their current … Continued

Can I Sell My House As-Is in Detroit, Michigan?

You Can Sell Your House As-Is Directly to a Cash Home Buyer in Detroit. “How do I sell my as-is home in Detroit, Michigan?” Whether you have a damaged house, vacant house, or an older home, chances, are your property is not move-in ready. You may have to make some repairs or upgrades before you … Continued