Local Vs. National Home Buyers: What’s the Difference?

If you need to sell your house fast, you may consider a cash home sale instead of a traditional home sale. If so, you need to find a company that buys houses in Detroit, Michigan. When looking for a cash home buyer in your area, you may discover that not all buyers are local. Some house-buying companies invest in properties nationally.

While national companies and local home buyers exist for the same reason, there are differences in how they approach working with home sellers and how they process a cash home sale. Below, we look at the local versus national home buyers and why you should consider selling your house as-is to a local home buyer in Detroit, Michigan.

Who Knows Your Local Real Estate Market?

A national house-buying company has the resources to pull data on almost any US real estate market. Investors can perform a comprehensive market analysis on your property to determine how much it is worth. After performing an analysis, they can assess your house and make a cash offer without ever meeting you or visiting the property. You simply accept the offer and move on.

However, real estate analysis and data doesn’t always tell the whole store about your property’s real value. Appraising your home involves a wide range of factors, including why you are selling the house.

A local home buyer understands your home’s real value, the local market around your property, and the challenges of selling a house in Detroit. They can partner with you to come up with a cash offer that you can work instead of just spitting out a number from an office hundreds of miles away.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Local home buyers do more than just flip houses. They play an important role in neighborhood enrichment and revitalization. By investing in real estate property, they improve the value of the home and the surrounding properties. Understanding this role, helps investors form meaningful relationships with property owners and other real estate professionals.

A local home buyer is practically your neighbor. They live and work in the same community. So they are contributing to the community. They build long-term relationships with sellers, lenders, agents, contractors, and retailers. Plugging into that local network can benefit you as a seller. You can’t get this type of benefit from a national house-buying company.

Building Trust and Credibility

There are many outstanding national companies that buy houses. They are national because they have built a reputation as a trustworthy company over the years. However, real estate is like any other industry. There are certain professionals who are looking to take advantage of motivated home sellers. You can’t always trust a buyer located hundreds of miles from your home.

There is more accountability with a local home buyer simply because they are local. The word gets around quickly about the buyer’s work ethic, experience, and credibility. There are ways to find out more about the buyer online or through references. Plus, you meet the buyer in person and get to know them, which goes a long way in building trust.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Local Home Buyer and a National House-Buying Company


  • Has an about page that clearly identifies who they are and has contact information
  • Localized images on the site
  • Content on the site speaks about a specific city/town in your area
  • Testimonials from people in your area


  • Multiple location pages
  • Only one page on their site is about the market you are in
  • Can not contact the owner directly
  • Franchise opportunities
  • Non-local testimonials

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