Get Wholesale Houses in Detroit, Michigan

Buy High-Equity Michigan Real Estate Investment Properties

Attention, real estate investors in Michigan! Are you looking to diversify your portfolio or expand your network? M1 Home Buyers works with investors to buy and sell wholesale houses in Detroit, Michigan. Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned buyer, we can help you find prime wholesale houses in your target market.

The real estate market in Michigan is booming due to a combination of record-low mortgage rates and a growing economy – particularly in Detroit. Michigan residents make a nice living due to a broad range of job opportunities in various industries. Plus, the cost of living in Michigan is much lower than in other states.

Now is the time to invest in wholesale houses in Detroit, Michigan!

Your Premier Real Estate Investment Resource

M1 Home Buyers’ real estate professionals are also full-time investors. We are always looking for great investment deals. We find off-market properties in Detroit, Michigan, at discounts.

We do the digging for you to give you instant access to these properties through our different marketing systems. We find wholesale houses in Michigan such as foreclosures, REOs, short sales, distressed houses, fixer-uppers, handyman deals, and probate houses and then pass these deals on to you.

So, if you are looking for wholesale real estate in Michigan, contact us today.

Calling All Private Real Estate Investors!

Are you a private real estate investor looking for a fix-and-flip opportunity in Detroit, Michigan? If so, M1’s platform puts you in touch with numerous real estate investment properties. We partner with you to provide the investment opportunity while you provide the funding necessary to get the project off the ground.

Our team works with you through every investment stage, including finding the property, negotiating the contract, closing the sale, renovating the property, and selling the property. You simply invest in the deal and let us do the rest.

Contact M1 if you are interested in investing in a real estate deal.

Connect to an Extensive Network of Motivated Home Sellers in Michigan

M1 Home Buyers works with investors in the Metro Detroit area. When you partner with us, you have access to more real estate investment properties that help you meet your investment goals. You can choose from properties such as

  • Single-family homes
  • Multi-family properties
  • Fix-and-flip
  • Rental houses
  • Buy and hold

Join Our VIP Buyer’s List and Get Notifications of Available Deals

Get ahead of the competition by joining our buyer’s list. Once you join our list, simply provide us with specific information about your company and the types of off-market properties you are looking for in Michigan.

Once we find an available off-market property, we notify you via email so that you can take advantage of it today. If you see a property you like, contact us immediately. Many of the wholesale houses we find in Michigan go quick, so don’t delay!

Why Choose M1 Home Buyers

One of the reasons to join our buyer’s list is that it costs you absolutely nothing! So, it’s a free resource that can expand your network and help you diversify your portfolio in Detroit, Michigan. But there are more reasons to work with M1 Home Buyers.

  • We stay on the pulse of the Michigan real estate market.
  • We actively track the most active real estate areas throughout the state.
  • We help your team stay current on discounted properties as they become available.
  • You work with seasoned investors who work on both sides of the market.

Contact M1 Home Buyers and Join Our VIP Buyer’s List

Expand your network and find your next real estate deal today with M1 Home Buyers. We give you access to prime wholesale houses in Detroit, Michigan. Call 248-397-5800 to join our VIP buyer’s list and get email notifications.

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