Can I Sell My House to Avoid Foreclosure?

Foreclosure can be stressful and intimidating. You may feel that you have run out of options once you default on your mortgage. The bank will repossess your house and sell it at auction, leaving you with bad credit and limited options. It is true that your house will go into foreclosure if you do not catch up on your monthly payments. However, there is a way to avoid foreclosure and sell your house fast.

You can sell your house for cash to a local home buyer in the Detroit area. When you sell your house for cash, you can close on the sale in as little as seven days, get out of the mortgage, and possibly put some money back in your pocket. Selling your house fast is a better option than a traditional sale. You can get ahead of the foreclosure process and avoid it altogether.

What Is a Foreclosure?

Nearly every homeowner gets behind on their mortgage payments at one time or another. However, if you get behind on your payment by three to four months, the bank may attempt to repossess your house and resell it at auction to recover the loan. The entire process – which begins with notices and ends with an auction – is known as foreclosure. Foreclosure occurs when you fail to pay your mortgage.

Foreclosure is a legal process in which the owner forfeits all rights to the property. If the owner can’t pay off the outstanding debt or sell the property via short sale, the property then goes to a foreclosure auction. If the property doesn’t sell there, the lending institution takes possession.

What Are the Steps in a Foreclosure?

Although each state and lender are different, most foreclosure procedures follow the same steps.

Stage 1: Missed Payments

You fail to make mortgage payments and default on the mortgage. You may intentionally stop paying the mortgage because the amount of the mortgage exceeds the home’s value. Whatever the reason, the bottom line is that you cannot meet the loan terms.

Stage 2: Public Notice

After three to six months of missed payments, the lender records a public notice with the county office, indicating that you have defaulted on the mortgage. This is called a Notice of Default (NOD) in some states. In others, it is a Suit Pending. Depending on state law, the lender might be required to post the notice on your front door.

Stage 3: Pre-Foreclosure

After receiving a notice from the lender, you may enter a grace period known as pre-foreclosure. During this period (30 to 120 days), you can work out an arrangement with the lender via a short sale or pay the outstanding amount owed. If you fail to pay the outstanding amount, foreclosure continues.

Stage 4: Auction

The lender sets a date for the home to be sold at a foreclosure auction. The notice of sale is recorded with the county office with notifications delivered to the borrower, posted on the property, and printed in the newspaper. Auctions can be held on the county courthouse’s steps, in the trustee’s office, at a convention center across the country, and even at the property in foreclosure.

Stage 5: Post-Foreclosure

If a third party does not purchase the property at the foreclosure auction, the lender takes ownership of it, and it becomes what is known as a bank-owned property or REO (real estate owned). Bank-owned properties are sold in one of two ways. A local real estate agent often lists them for sale on the open market.

The Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash

Today, the real estate market is unreliable at best. There are no guarantees that you will sell your house, get the asking price you want, or make a profit after paying closing costs, realtor commissions, and repair costs. There are several reasons why selling your house for cash is a better option:

  • You pay no closing costs, realtor commissions, or other fees.
  • There is no reason to renovate, repair, or prepare your house.
  • You can avoid listing or showing your house to potential buyers.
  • Choose your closing date without waiting.
  • We buy your house as-is – don’t bother cleaning it.
  • You work with a local house buyer in the Detroit area.
  • We make a fair, competitive offer just under your house’s market value.

With all the benefits of selling your house for cash, you owe it to yourself to explore it as an option. Let us take your property off your hands. You walk away free and clear with no strings attached.

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